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The Gryffon, Dragon & Wolf web site uses cookies (or magic cookies, or persistent cookies) in order to be able to customize your order. Without the use of client-side cookies, we would not be able to keep track of your order information for you between visits to our site. At best, we could store the information temporarily for you, or ask each shopper to 'sign in' -- neither solution allows the freedom of a magic cookie.

We only use one cookie for this site to keep track of individual users. We do not distribute any information to any other source, nor do we advertise for any other company through this web site. When you do business with Gryffon, Dragon & Wolf, we are the only company with whom you are sharing information.

One thing that you should know about persistent cookies is that these are browser specific. If you use a browser from home to enter order information, and then attempt to continue the order from work or a friend's house, the information that you entered from home will not be displayed. Only the browser that accepted the cookie will display the information for your order, and the only web site that will see the cookie stored within your browser is this one. As a result, if you let someone share your computer, or if you place an order from an insecure location (such as a school computer lab), where someone else may have access to the computer, a user other than yourself may be able to see your order information.

If you wish to prevent any future user from viewing personal information that you have submitted, simply go to the order form and clear your personal information by choosing "Remove Info". Note that when you place an order, this clears the order form. You can also simply go to the order form and choose "Remove All".

If the whole notion of cookies leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth, and you're not keen on dynamic content generated just for you!, then you can always simply submit an order via email or snail mail. You can compile an order, print the order form out from your browser, mail it to us, and clear the order. It's that simple. Whatever method you choose, we are happy to accommodate your order.

We feel very strongly about protecting your privacy, and value your patronage.

If you have any questions or comments about our company, please feel free to drop us a note. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Privacy and CookiesPrivacy and Cookies
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