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Three of Us Gryffon, Dragon & Wolf began as Gryffon & Dragon in May of 1990 as a notion of participating as vendors at the Central Coast Renaissance Festival, rather than as particpants or tourists. A particular Dragon had just had a rather successful first venture as a participating artist at Baycon 1990, and this particular Gryffon had just had a rather successful day of substituting for a tarot reader at the Southern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire. We figured that it couldn't be too difficult to lash some wood together, cover it with burlap, and try to ply our wares and services. With the help of a Wolf, a Unicorn, and a Shadow, we managed to turn a handful of fallen eucalyptus limbs, a bunch of rough burlap sacks scrounged off of a farm, several balls of twine, and one rather amenable California live oak into a booth. It was more work than moving, but it proved to be positively wonderful as experiences go -- we had a great deal of fun, met a lot of truly interesting peo! ple, and were busy throughout th e weekend.

We stole the Wolf away, and in the following year changed the name of the business to Gryffon, Dragon & Wolf. He's really a werewolf, but no one minds. The following year this particular Gryffon was moderately irritated by the sheer lack of quality in a sequence of incense purchases, and this was followed by trips to magic and occult shops by the three of us, as we tried to find the raw materials. Those were also too expensive, but we didn't learn that for another year or so. Anyhow, we spent the spring of 1991 applying years of herb and woods lore, and study of magic, to producing incense to sell at the next faire. Moving from readings and portraits to selling incense was a bigger step than we were aware.

Shelves! Product packaging! At least it was easy enough to demonstrate, though I bet we were the only booth with a fire extinguisher and several buckets of water tucked away under burlap. This expansion of the business, and a recognition of the previous reliance on a certain oak tree, brought a planned booth even with an experimental run, and a sewn roof... and yes, shelves. The entire booth, shelves included, was still lashed together in a day. Friends received more lessons in lashing, and post-hole digging. The faire was again successful, we had a lot of repeat business, and sold out of most of our incense.

Deeming this a success, even for all the work involved -- we realized along the way this was mostly for fun anyhow -- we expanded the following year. Ceramics, candles, stained glass, and bath salts were added, all products made by us. The years progressed, and we designed and published a catalog, which proved to be successful, and we moved into mail order.

Throughout it all, we continue to offer our services homemade crafts, only offering products we did not ourselves produce when it was unavoidable (charcoal, glass jars, raw materials). We take great pride in our work, in producing the highest quality of products at the lowest cost to the consumer. We put only the best things into our products.

Activities outside the business draw our attention from time to time, preventing our appearances at conventions, faires, or live rpg's (that was fun!), but our services will always be available through the mail or the internet.

If you have any questions or comments about our company, please feel free to drop us a note. We look forward to hearing from you!

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