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One of the primary reasons that we began making our own incenses, oils, and bath salts was our concern with the purity of the products which we had previously purchased as consumers.

We found that many incenses were simply colored sawdust, heavily scented with oils, or the incense may have contained "natural" herbs, but in a very small proportion. Frequently, the bulk of the incense was often identifiable as cheap sawdust. Many oils available to the retail consumer contain only a small amount of essential oil, and have been thinned out with another oil, such as jojoba, or a vegetable or nut oil.

Whenever possible, we use natural materials -- raw herbs and essential oils. Furthermore, rather than use a sawdust base as a cheap bulk filler, we use more of the appropriate herbs themselves. We consider the aroma and the intent of the incense first and foremost. Some incenses naturally call for a base such as sandalwood, orris root, or benzoin. Other incenses do not call for these ingredients, and adding such ingredients would only spoil the intent and aroma of the incense. We don't use sawdust or synthetic oils as cheap bulk fillers to extend our products and we never will. We do color some of our incenses with nontoxic dyes whenever the natural color or potency of the incense could be enhanced by adding color. The portion colored varies, from only coloring the powdered ingredients to coloring the entire incense after it has been mixed. However, if you closely inspect some of the incenses, they have not been colored because the natural color is perfect!

We also use (and sell) essential oils when an essential oil is available. There are three types of oils that can be purchased: essential, fragrance, and synthetic. Essential oils are derived directly from the plant (or animal) and include no additives. Synthetic oils are oils which are produced artificially from simpler materials rather than occurring naturally. Nearly all fragrance oils are blends of natural essential oils and synthetic aroma chemicals.

We would like to point out that oils such as Rose and Yarrow require great amounts of flowers to produce even an ounce of essential oil. These are very expensive as essential oils, and often you purchase such an oil believing that it is essential when the oil is a fragrance oil rather than an essential oil. Furthermore, oils such as Dragon's Blood, Lotus and Jasmine are always fragrance oils or synthetic, because no one has yet discovered a way to produce an essential oil from these. Finally, oils such as musk, Civet, and ambergris are produced from animals. In any instance that the oil would come from an animal, we use a synthetic or fragrance oil. Whenever the oil is a fragrance, synthetic, or has just been diluted, we will tell you.

We're listed on the Internet Craft Fair as we work hard to offer hand crafted goods of high quality for low prices.

If you have any questions or comments about our company, please feel free to drop us a note. We look forward to hearing from you!

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